Me, Maurie Roselaine

I am a twenty-something writer and coffee aficionado who loves espresso, family, sacramental living, local food, homemaking, personality psychology, travel, personal development, doing things the hard way, and living slow enough that I can enjoy it all.

I am an Introvert-iNtuitive-Feeler-Judger (INFJ), which basically means I’m freaking awesome. Deep thinking, planning, and setting goals are strengths of mine. Communicating ideas through writing, distilling a situation to come up with a decision that is beneficial to everyone, empathy, and a desire to help others are also strengths. Not on my strengths list: initiating conversations in new situations, maintaining small talk, being bubbly and gregarious, and consistently keeping my house clean. If you are a personality geek too, I am a nine on the Enneagram, a high C/S, and a Melancholy/Phlegmatic. (I’d love to hear from you on personality typing!)

Coffee-wise, I love espresso the most, especially shots pulled on bottomless portafilters into the same cup that it will be served in for maximum crema. It makes me a little sad that it’s gone so quickly though. Macchiatos are another favorite, but again, three ounces only lasts so long. Single shot cappuccinos are perfect after 2pm so that I’m not up all hours of the night. Iced lattes are my favorite in summer. I also love black coffee, four ounces is just about perfect for me. It’s about the taste, not the caffeine, for me. I also love cream and sugar, with or without coffee. I often order an eight ounce black coffee and drink half black and the other half with way more cream and sugar than is socially acceptable. Going to different coffee shops is a favorite pastime of mine and my husband. When in a new town, the first thing we look for is the best coffee shop. Many of our dates and family outings consist of trying a new coffee shop or hitting up an old favorite. (Thatcher’s in Vancouver, WA. Lava Java in Ridgefield, WA. Too many to list in Portland.)

Speaking of husband and family, I have been married to Remington for four and a half years at this point, and life has never been dull. I went from living at home in Idaho and spending most of my time reading and writing and working, to buying a house, moving across the state, having a baby girl,
moving to Washington, and having a baby boy. All within those four and a half years. My daughter, Everly, is now two-and-a-half, and my baby boy, Jude, is just under a year old. I mostly stay at home with them, which I love. We enjoy reading lots of books, baking occasionally, playing at the library or the park, and going on walks, mostly to coffee shops. Everly already loves coffee, but I try to limit her to steamed milk, and maybe just a sip of my drink. I have not given Jude coffee yet. But I do sing the Beatles song, “Hey Jude” to him often.









As far as what to expect from this blog, I’m not quite sure at this point. Nevertheless, you can definitely expect posts about coffee and coffee shops, some geeking out on personality psychology, and probably some homemaking thoughts, including musings on living slow and enjoying life as it is, not just waiting for my someday ideal. Lists of things that I love are to be expected, and probably lists of other things as well. Conversation is always encouraged, so comment or shoot me an email – I’d love to connect!

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