1816 SW River Drive
Portland, OR 97201

It was a sunny summer morning when Remington, Everly, Jude, and I visited Kiosko for the first time. Owned by Angel and Lucy, who also run Smalltime Roasters, Kiosko is a brand-new coffee shop in SW Portland near the river. It is located inside South Waterfront City Park in a tiny (just over 200 sq ft) building. The location is lovely, near hotels, restaurants, and parking. South Waterfront park is gorgeous, right near the river, with lots of flowers and places for picnics.

The interior may be small, but thanks to the many windows, retractable window over the bar, and open doors, it did not feel cramped at all. The interior blends seamlessly into the outdoor seating, making it feel like a big, open, airy space. The counter and machines are along one wall of the shop with a bar on the opposite side of the shop, looking out towards the outdoor seating. Outside there are three small tables. The vibe inside is comfortably modern with white walls and chairs, black accents, and wood counters. Unique light fixtures add interest, and potted plants simply continue the lush and green vibe coming in from the surroundings. It is not possible to overstate how many windows this small space has. It is delightful with lots of natural light.

We had met Angel and Lucy at the triangulation that we had gone to in May, which is what turned us on to their new coffee shop. They were both working at the shop when we came by and it was great to chat with them and hear how they got started in coffee and of their vision with Kiosko. They serve both Smalltime Roasters and Junior’s Roasted Coffee in espresso drinks and pour overs. They offer three different styles of pour over, depending on how much coffee you want: Chemex, Hario V60, and Copper Flower, which is their own invention and available for purchase on the merchandise shelves, along with Margaret and Beau mugs. They also offer two different styles of cold coffee: traditional cold brew and Japanese iced coffee. Their milk-based drinks include cortaditos, cappuccinos, and lattes. The cortaditos are available in three different styles: Mexican, Cuban, and Brazilian. The menu looks very simple and is not at all overwhelming, but there are a lot of options. Something for everyone!

We ended up trying quite a few drinks off the menu. I ordered an espresso, as usual. This was their Kiosko blend, 60% Mexican coffee and 40% Ethiopian roasted by Smalltime Roasters. The espresso was served with sparkling water and had a lighter body with lime acidity, fresh peach and nutty sweetness, and a dark cocoa finish. The combination of the Mexican/Ethiopian coffee was really unique and worked well together.

Remington got a Japanese iced coffee with Ethiopian coffee roasted by Smalltime. Everly got both a marionberry lemonade and a vanilla steamer, which came in an adorable vintage plastic mug. Of course Everly loved her drinks. Remington also enjoyed his iced coffee. We also ended up trying the Brazilian cortadito (a tasty and not-too-sweet coffee treat) and the Ethiopian coffee brewed in the copper flower. The copper flower is such a neat invention, and if you’re interested in a single cup of coffee, I recommend trying it. It was a blast to taste so much coffee while dialoguing about process, beans, and inspiration.

We really enjoyed our visit to Kiosko and will definitely be back. I would heartily recommend it to anyone heading to South Waterfront Park, getting coffee-to-go in that area, or who wants a space filled with natural light to hang out at for a bit. In nice weather, it would be a fantastic place to go with a friend or with family and sit outdoors. There is plenty of room for kids to move around and play (Everly and Jude loved climbing around on some tree roots nearby).

Have you been to Kiosko? What coffee shops have you visited lately?

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