Push X Pull

Push X Pull

821 SE Stark St

Portland, OR 97214

I’m back! I am so excited to be sharing a coffee shop adventure again, after a too-long hiatus. We both moved and had a baby since my last post, but we are still in the Portland metro area and also still going to coffee shops as a family. Yes, even with three children ages 4 and under. Our most recent trip was to Push X Pull in Portland. They opened last year and we have been in a few times so far.

The first impression of Push X Pull is formed by wood, metal (mostly painted blue), light yellow walls, and a polished concrete floor which gives a unique, industrial/modern feel. Natural light streams in from the large windows. Behind the counter, mugs, a couple plants, and random coffee gear, as well as old fashioned speakers with Pendleton-esque covers ensure that the vibe isn’t too pretentious. Coffee roasting takes place on-site in a roaster located in the far right corner of the shop. Seating includes a bar along a portion of the windowed perimeter of the shop, a large table in the center, a couple smaller tables just to the left of the door, a couple seats at the counter near the espresso machine, and a leather couch with coffee table in one corner. In nice weather, there are also a few small tables outside on the sidewalk.

Push X Pull regularly has two different single-origin espresso options, and multiple options for pour-over. Of course, they have the usual milk drinks as well. They carry Oatly milk, which is one of my favorite milk-alternative options. The origins available for espresso when we went were an Ethiopia Guji, natural process, and a natural process Nicaragua. It’s hard to pass up a good natural process espresso, so we ordered one of each and got a steamer for the kids.

The Nicaragua was amazing. It was full and flavorful with a thick, creamy mouthfeel. It took me back to one of the first really good shots of espresso I had in Portland, so I didn’t try to analyze, I just enjoyed it. We could tell that the Ethiopia Guji was going to be great from the first smell; the floral aroma was incredible. Following that up with a delicate acidity and satsuma sweetness, with a red fruit juiciness, it was the epitome of Ethiopian coffee. We were both blown away by the amazing-ness. Everly and Jude enjoyed their steamer as well as a couple tastes of espresso.

Push X Pull is an excellent choice for coffee in Portland, and a worthy addition to the collection of shops already in existence. It would be a fine place to work or study or catch up with friends or a good book. Also, there is a leather couch, which in my husband’s book, automatically makes a shop worth frequenting.

Have you been to Push X Pull? Where have you been to coffee this week?

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